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Time : 11.00 AM - 12.20 PM
Location : Room 8 -  4 - 6

Assalamualaikum ..
Today was our first day of class attended Stage Make Up hosted by En.Nur Afifi Bin Mohamed Taib. Classes on this day began with an introduction to the subject to give exposure to students about what will be learned. In general, men are certainly less knowledge in the field of makeup. That is why I feel very excited to join this class and hopes to achieve excellence in these subjects. After that, the lecturers also gave a briefing on the make-up of items of equipment to be purchased by students. We have purchased all the items in the Fidz Make-Over located in Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. Although I do not know the name of each make-up tool, it does not break my spirit to learn the subject. Upon completion of the briefing sessions, lectures provide orientation activities in the classroom. Each student introduced themselves and each is a bit much to help us get to know each other. Completed orientation sessions, the class was over.


Time : 10.30 AM - 12.20 PM
Location : Room 8 - 4 - 6

Assalamualaikum ..
Are you guys keep asking why I'm not update the info for week 2? Actually, I did not come to the class because I'm not feeling well. Now, I come back with new info in week 3. You know what? The make up activities was begin! It was very enjoyable and exciting because we can share the new knowledge together. While started the class, our lecturer (En.Nur Afifi) gave some info regarding makeup and the details are as follow :-

Make Up are divided into two :-

i).Street Make Up .
- known as a basic make up for actors.
- usually this kind of make up used in our daily life.
- to clean up, we need to use Make Up Cleanser.

ii).Stage Make Up.
- this kind of make up usually used to attend any special event.
- has a character according to the requirements.

Several type of character in make up :

i).Straight Make Up.
This kind of make up is to fulfill the terms of the characters. For example, if someone want to look old, by applying this concept the character can be created perfectly.

ii).Fantastical Make Up.
This kind of make up is very unnatural. For example is clown. The drawing on the face like lips was extremely make up.

After completed theory session, the make up activities was begin. Lecturer do some demonstration infront of us.

1). Lecturer apply evenly the foundation all over the face.
2). Lecturer used the eyeliner to highlight the eyes.

Shortly after lecturer done hid demonstration, we're instrusted to make up ourself. I felt a bit nervous because I never do a make up activities before. However, thank God because I able to follow for every steps that have been taught by lecturer and this is the difference!

(Sorry if the photo quality is not satisfactory)


Location : Blok 4a10
Time : 10.00 PM
Photographer : Mohamad Yunus Zainalabidin

Assalamualaikum ..
This time I would like to share with you guys about the steps in Street Make Up. This kind of technique can be use in our daily life.

  1. Spray cold water all over the surface of the skin to refresh your face.
  2. Foundation is used according to skin tone and apply it perfectly. Focus on the dark circle under the eyes to avoid from skin become pale (I use foundation Tropical Beige for my skin tone).
  3. Next, I use Loose Powder to turn off the foundation in order to produce a more natural look and smooth.
  4. Refill Negro 2 was used to make a shading at the nose to create a sharp nose effect (this technique as a addition only).
  5. Use Blusher at the cheekbones and evenly all over the face to avoid the face from look pale.
  6. Lastly, use the eyeliner to highlight the eyes.

This is the result !

The face look more radiant and alive.
Follow the steps as listed above for you to live our lives in confidence.
Good Luck!     ;)


Time : 10.30 AM - 12.20 PM
Location : Room 8 - 4 - 6

Assalamualaikum ..
Alhamdulillah , this week we are in the week 4. We have been introduced a new technique that called as Corrective Make Up. This make up technique was highly effective to repairs any of worst senses of the face like reduce the size of forehead, enlarge the size of eyes, making a sharp nose and much more. However, the structure of senses change only by visual.

There are 6 types of human face :

1). Oval . ( which is very Ideal )
2). Circle .
3). Square .
4). Long .
5). Diamond .
6). Triangular .

Here are one of the example technique in enlarge the size of eyes by using Corrective Make Up :

( Sorry if the photo quality is not satisfactory )


Time : 10.30 AM - 12.20 PM
Location : Room 8 - 4 - 6

Assalamualaikum ..
This week, we were given the task of applying Corrective Make Up technique as taught by lecturer last week. Before we begin the make up session, we should plan first which part we want to do the correction. Thus, the lecturer directs us to take pictures of A4 size and copy the shape of our own face by using blank like picture above. The result is as follows :-

After that, we need to plan the senses by colour it first (bright colour to show,dark colour to hide). Then, continue to start the make up by copying parts of the senses that have been colour as in the picture. Skills such as making a sharp nose, enlarge the size of forehead and eyes should always be practiced to make it more perfect. Therefore, I need to keep practising try and error to improved the skills in this technique. After make up session finish, the class was over.


Time : 10.30 AM - 12.20 PM
Location : 8 - 4 - 6

Assalamualaikum ..
Classes in this week 6, lecturer (En.Nur Afifi Mohamed Taib) have been introduced to us with new make up technique that called as Aging Make Up. Here are some info of the briefing given by the lecturer :

"Secara amnya , kulit manusia akan kelihatan tua pada awal usia 30 - 40 tahun dan antara faktornya ialah tahap kesihatan seseorang , kulit yang mengendur kerana tarikan graviti bumi , faktor persekitaran dan pelbagai lagi . Oleh itu , bagi mewujudkan penampilan sebagai orang tua agak sukar untuk di capai dan ia perlu sentiasa di praktikkan di mana kaedah ini sama seperti Corrective Make Up . Melalui hasil solekan , ia dapat menggambarkan seseorang itu tentang tahap umurnya kepada orang lain . "

Translate : "Generally, the skin will become wrinkles in the early age of 30-40 years and among the factors causes is health of a person, loosen skin due to gravitational pull of the earth, and other environmental factors. Therefore, in order to create the appearance as a old people is very difficult to be achieved and it should always be practiced as in the method of Corrective Make Up.Through the result of make up, we can describe someone's age to other people.

After finish the briefing by the lecturer, we started the make-up session and the steps are as follow :

1). Picture BEFORE begin the aging make up.
Face should be in clean condition of any impurities.

2). Then, apply foundation, use eyeliner to draw the wrinkles follow as your skin.
( make face expression )

3). Add highlight colour at the eyeliner area ,
then blend it together untill appear aging image.
This is the result!


Time : 10.30 AM - 12.20 PM
Location : Room 8 - 4 - 6

Assalamualaikum ..
Alhadulillah, now we are in the week of 7 for the classes of make up. This time we are given assignments by the lecturer to do extra training in Aging Make Up in order to improve our skills. To produce more effective image as an old people, lecturer instructed us to take reference from any source, and it includes academic resources, internet and so on. There are two important tools in creating an aging look, it is Negro Refill 2 @ Shading and 070 @ Highlight. In addition, we aimed to identify the wrinkles on our own face and oftenly it will occur around the forehead, eyes, the cheeks and chin. Therefore, we must always keep practising in this technique to produce a better result. Just finish a training session, lecturer end the classes.


What he said ?

In my opinion, this kind of make up technique is highly effective for those who have problems in any part of the face. This is because it was able to change the terms of the visual sense like making a sharp nose, enlarge the size of the eyes and many more. However, it is difficult to do if not practiced regularly. Thus, for this Lebaran I want to share with you all the steps.

Info :

  • Make Up Artist : Azreen Azeman
  • Photographer : Raff Azeman
  • Model : Suhada Azeman

Make-up session begin ..

Description :-

  1. Spray the cold water over the surface of the skin to refresh your face.
  2. Use foundation to syncronize the skin tone and apply it perfectly.
  3. Loose Powder acts as turn off the foundation effect to make your skin looks more natural
  4. Corrective Technique : Making a sharp nose using Refill Negro 2 @ Shading at the side of the nose (refer in the photo). After that, massage the effect of the shading downward untill it create a shadow effect on the side of nose. Then, use 070 @ Highlight and apply it at the center of the nose to distinguish the colour tone. Massage both of it untill images appeared sharp.
  5. Corrective Technique : Enlarge the size of the eyes by using the dark colour of eyeshadows. This is because the dark colour are able to hide the colour of your eyelids. So, it will looks as if the lines of your eyes. Apply it in the upper and lower eyelids.
  6. Then, use blusher (by colour) at the cheeckbones and evenly all over the face to avoid the face from look pale.
  7. Lastly, wear a lipstick and lip gloss to make your lips in radiance.

This is the difference !
The face looks more beautiful. The make up effect has increase the confidence level of my sister. To all of you, what are you waiting for? Try it now & see the result! ;)

( sorry if the photo quality is not satisfactory )


Time : 10.30 AM - 12.20 PM
Location : Room 8 - 4 -6
Photographer : Mohd Hakim Zulkafri
Assistant Make Up : Abdul Rahman Zolkfle

Assalamualaikum ..

Classes for the week 9 was carried out as usual immediately after the Hari Raya holidays which has lasted for about 2 weeks (3 Sept - 19 Sept 2010). Lecturers do not give us any notes for this time but he give us some guidance in techniques to improve the Aging Make Up skills. This is because on 27 September 2010, the Faculty of Artistic & Creative Technology (F.A.C.T) will held a dinner and we have been asked by lecturer to attend in a old people character. Moreover, this will be our mid-semester exam. The details are as follow :-

Date : 27 September 2010
Time : 8.30 PM - 11.00 PM
Location : Faculty of Artistic & Creative Technology plain
Theme : character as Old People

Thus, the entry for this time .. I will share about the effective steps in creating an old image effect such have been taught by the lecturer.

Description :-

  1. As usual, spray cold water on the surface of the skin to refresh the face.
  2. Apply foundation ( combination between mid tone & chinese ) and spread evenly all over the face. Focus on the dark cicles under the eyes to balance the shades of colour.
  3. Then, make a facial expression to create wrinkles on the face. After that, use the Negro Refill 2 @ Shading to make a line by line wrinkles. Apply on the left side and face down on the right side of the face. Through this technique, the difference can be seen more clearly.
  4. Next, stain the highlight along the lines of shading. It is intended to show the effect of wrinkles on the face. Sweep and apply according to the opposite direction as indicated shading.
  5. Lastly, I use Loose Powder to turn off the foundation in order to produce a more natural effect. (not in the photo).

This is the result !

Old images can be generated by applying the above technique.
Quite amazing is it?
So, for those who want to try, follow the steps as listed above.
Do not forget to keep practising for the best effect of wrinkles.
Good Luck ! ;)

*Notification : We are sorry. Info for the week 8 classes cannot be update because I did not come to class. All incovenience are very regretted. :(


Location : Faculty of Artistic & Creative Technology (F.A.C.T)
Time : 8.00 PM - 11.00 PM

Assalamualaikum ..
A dinner was held by the faculty. I was with 18 other friends who have been instructed by our lecturer to attend the ceremony in the character of old people. Attendance at this event is counted as attendance at the next class. All Aging Make Up Technique have been applied and we're do it as best as we can in order to make the image of old people look real and perfect. During the ceremony, we're treated to a variety of performances including dancing, reading poetry, singing and much more. Overall, I felt very grateful for being able to do my best in my make up.


Time : 11.00 AM - 12.20 PM
Location : Room 8 - 4 - 6

( click to enlarge )

Assalamualaikum ..
Stage Make Up class now in week 11. Various techniques of make up have been taught by lecturers and this time we introduced the new make up technique that called as Gender Reversal which means we have to make up against our own gender. Before starting make up, lecturer (En.Nur Afifi Mohamed Taib) directs us to create a character and make up design techniques to be applied. Here are the characters that I've created :

Name : Putri Alia Alisya.
Age : 26 Years Old.
Hometown : Wonderland.
Status : A Princess from the Great Kingdom.

However, while we're planning .. lecturer suggested to held a class for once again to transfer all of the technique to our face because we did not have enough time to proceed further. Hence, the class immediately over after majority of us agreed to hold the class.


Time : 10.30 AM - 12.20 PM
Location : Room 8 - 4 - 6

Assalamualaikum ..
For This Week Make Up Class, the lecturer directs us to apply the makeup on the face of the sketches were made last week. I and others who have worked very hard in creating the gender transformation to look perfect and successful. Make-up technique that I use most is the Corrective Makeup because for the character as a daughter of the king should be in a beautiful and radiant. The technique including making a sharp nose, forming part of the face, shrink the size of the forehead and eyes. Upon the completion of make up, lecturer provide us a costumes based on each character and we had a photography session together. Interestingly, I was given a costume that was worn by Dina Malaysian Idol ! After completed the sessions, our lecturer already completed the class.

*Note : Final Exam Stage Make Up classes will be held on 29 October 2010 which it is has been scheduled in conjuction with the Final Examination of Advance Acting Course.


Time : 8.15 PM - 12.00 PM
Location : Dewan Serbaguna
Photographer : Ayed a.k.a Puteh

Assalamualaikum ..
Make Up Classes are now in the end, the final assessment in this class we were given a task to analyze the characters with costumes based on characters that will be our Final Presentation in the Advanced Acting Course. I was given the responsibility to act out the characters in the show Hang Lekiu given title Hang Tuah. Therefore, I have made an analysis of the character in terms of make up and costumes. Here is a demonstration to create characters of Hang Lekiu.

Description :-

  1. Before starting Make-up, spray cold water for refreshing facial skin (not in the photo). After that, use the foundation to cover the pores.
  2. Then, I apply the Corrective Make Up Technique which is make a sharp nose with shading on the side of nose and highlight at the center. It will be able to create 3D effects on the nose.
  3. Eyeliner is used to produce the line as the image of the mustache and beard. Shape it with latex sponge. After that, use eyeliner once again at the bottom of the eyes to create a sharp shape of the eyes (not in the photo).
  4. Next, I used Loose Powder to turn off the foundation effect on the face to look more natural and smooth.
  5. Lastly, blusher used as an offset to avoid a pale skin colour.

This is the result !

Character of Hang Lekiu now are ready to fight !
For those who are interested in trying ,
Please follow the steps listed above .
Good Luck ! ;)